Belinda Helmer

Hi! My name is Belinda, and I am the owner and Micropigmentogist for MicroBrows Permanent Cosmetics located in Metairie. I have been a Certified Micropigmentologist (Permanent Cosmetic Practitioner) for ten years. The past four years have been an incredible journey, due to the more modern and advanced permanent cosmetic techniques in the industry, as well as, the intense passion I have for my profession!?
I have received my certifications from one of the most advanced academies located in Boca Raton, Florida, by Master Instructor Kler Rosenberg.

My initial certifications have been in Softap Hand Methods, and the more modern and advanced methods of Permanent Cosmetics have been in MicroBlading, Advanced MicroBlading, Brow Shading, Powder Brows, Eye Contouring, and Lip Contouring. All of my studies and certifications were mastered in Boca Raton Florida with Master Kler Rosenberg.

No matter what brow concerns you may have…

MicroBrows Permanent Cosmetics can assist you by creating brows that look very natural for you individually. No stencils ever used…only precise measurements of mapping brows to fit your individual bone structure, and facial features.

My studio meets all OSHA requirements for the most sanitary environment, is extremely relaxing, and totally private.

My goal is to enhance facial features with the utmost detail and emphasis on natural looking results. Cosmetic tattooing should not change ones features, but only enhance them!